• Hi! Welcome to my Sailing Compatibility Test.

    This short, fun test will give you an idea of what kind of sailing (if any) you'd like - From high performance skiff racing to exploring tropical lagoons.

    Almost anyone can sail but would you enjoy it? I have had guests who love sailing but can't swim - They wear life jackets on deck. There is nothing in sailing that is inherently biased towards a particular gender or age. The main issue that prevents enjoyment is sea sickness and in almost all cases there are preventative measures for that.

    There are sixteen possible outcomes. If you like everything or nothing, you will get a bland result, without insights into your personality or a meaningful recommendation from me about what kind of sailing you'd like. So look deeply in your soul and answer wisely - You'll love the results!

  • Does anyone have pics of minorities sailing? I have had a hard time finding them and would love to balance the look of this test.

    If you like this test, tell a friend and by all means, rate it! Thanks in advance.