• 1
    How many episodes are there of Sailor Moon?

  • 2
    Which character was originally known as Sailor V?

  • 3
    Who is Sailor Moon's love interest in Sailor Stars (5th season)?

  • 4
    Whats the name of Luna and Artemis' kitten?

  • 5
    Which Sailor Scout poses as Sailor Moon in an episode?

  • 6
    Which of the Amazon Trio was made to be a girl in the Americanized version?

  • 7
    What is Seramyu?

  • 8
    Whose home did Darien/Mamoru stay at that had Serena/Usagi extremely jealous?

  • 9
    Who has seen Darien naked?

  • 10
    Where does Pegasus reside?

  • 11
    Who was the second Sailor scout to be discovered?

  • 12
    Before Melvin was in the picture, who was Molly's first love interest?

  • 13
    What object does the Amazon quartet replace the golden crystal so as to steal it from Nehelenia?

  • 14
    Who also dated Darien (besides Serena)?

  • 15
    Which Sailor Soldier do I identify with?