• Hi! And welcome to my Sapiosexual fetish test Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true talents in this field.I have an unrequited crush for Cokie Roberts and Ann Coulter, who shamelessly flaunt their superior intellectual virtuosity without regard to what that does to my peace of mind. Please take this little test to see how you tickle this fetish of mine.
  • 1
    Enter the next letter in this series: TTFFSSE_

  • 2
    The above series represents

  • 3
    The Queen's Gambit is

  • 4
    Why do clocks run clockwise

  • 5
    What is inflation

  • 6
    Why are ancient cities buried

  • 7
    The Journal of Irreproduceable Results

  • 8
    What is the square root of H2O

  • 9
    When a fly alights on the ceiling, does it perform a loop and roll in order to get upside down ?

  • 10
    "Degree of Freedom" is