• Is your head forever in the clouds? Are you the sort of person who perpetually forgets things like people's birthdays, appointments, your own name, or where babies come from?


    Sound like possible symptoms of absent-mindedness, right? Maybe. Some of us are genuinely scatterbrained - this much is true, and those people can usually be spotted as the ones who cross the road with no regard for any oncoming traffic - or as the drivers who tear around corners with no regard for the rights of pedestrians. Either way, there will inevitably arise the sound of skidding tires and a splat.


    The flipside, however, is that some of us - while being a bit on the distracted side - have very good reasons for being so. Not everyone is forgetful or flighty by nature; many of us have vexing, stressful issues in our own lives that make concentration highly difficult. This is what this hot little test aims to find out. Using two variables and nine categories, we'll work out the answer: can you concentrate, or are you the sort of person who should never operate heavy machinery? If the latter is the case, are there possible causes for it? Family issues? Court hearings? A new relationship? Distressed by Paris Hilton's foray into music, perhaps?


    Assuming you focused long enough to read this far, you'll know this test is about to provide you with the answers.



    LAUNCHED: July 29, 2006.

    UPDATED: October 22, 2008.