The Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Knowledge Test

  • Hi! And welcome to my Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Knowledge Test. There are a lot of science fiction and fantasy literature fans here. Well, here's a challenge for you lot. This test is designed to examine your knowledge across the two genres and will not be focusing on a particular author or a particular sub-genre. The questions are going to vary in difficulty, from general knowledge to obscure genre-related stuff only a true afficondo will know. You have been forewarned! With this, I suggest you dive straight in and discover for yourself the extent of your sci-fi/fantasy knowledge! Enjoy the test and I welcome any input!
  • 1
    Let's start with an easy one. Who wrote Lord of the Rings?

  • 2
    Issac Asimov was born in...

  • 3
    Robert Jordan is famous for writing which of the following series of fantasy novels?

  • 4
    Stanislaw Lem wrote,

  • 5
    What did Roger Zelazny, Brian Aldiss, Thomas Disch and Michael Moorcock have in common?

  • 6
    Hal Clement is famous for writing....

  • 7
    Arya Stark is...

  • 8
    Turin was the son of...

  • 9
    Yvegny Zemyatin (appologies if I butchered the spelling...) is famous for writing which of the following novels? (considered to be a direct influence on Orwell's 1984)

  • 10
    Ray Bradbury was....

  • 11
    The novel 'Gateway' was written by...

  • 12
    What do Robin McKinley, Sharon Shinn and Emma Bull have in common?

  • 13
    The Left Hand of Darkness was written by....

  • 14
    2001: A Space Odyssey, Rendezvous With Rama, Childhood's End...

  • 15
    The final question (note: the answer wont have a bearing on your result) - Which of the following options describe you best?