• I designed this test to measure just how well we'll get along. I am very picky about my friends and for good reason!

    All my friends are good people and have high standards of ethics and general outlook that could put some nuns to shame. This test also gives knowledge (somewhat) of who I am and what I'm about. Seven welcomes you with open arms if you pass this test with flying colors!

    As a guideline, be as true to yourself as you can be in relation to these questions. No matter your intentions be sure to pick the answers that most closely match your real life choices. If you find you hate the test - no need to fear, just scroll to the bottom of the page you're on and click on the exeunt button! :-D

    Good – now, let us proceed…

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    You meet a guy/girl at a party, got to talking and he/she seems pretty cool. You invite this person to a party your cousin's throwing. You give them your number and tell them to call for details when it's time. They call the day before the party as agreed and you: