• Welcome to the "Sensual, Sexy, Sick, or Silly" Test. I'll be using nothing but my own gut feelings (and whatever the strange OKCupid calculation engine does) to determine our consanguinity on these matters.

    con·san·guin·i·ty - n. - A close affinity or connection. (Yeah - it's a hoity toity way of saying "compatibility," but aren't you tired of just another one those compatibility tests?)

    This is by no means an all-encompassing test...rather, a mere drop in the bucket of random things that have crossed my mind of late, given that I'm wont to ponder such matters more these days than usual. However, it's still an absurdly long test. In five sections.

    Besides. I figure I may as well see what happens when I create a test of my own. Maybe I'll be famous. Maybe I'll be rich. Maybe I'll be rich AND famous. And maybe I'll just get some interesting answers. C'est la vie, carpe diem, and all those other foreign terms.