• So you've decided to consider feminism. GOOD. Or, you're trolling. BAD, but I encourage you to continue on anyways, as this test is NOT ABOUT whether or not you yourself are a feminist, but rather which of the various and very diverse feminist theories you are most likely to agree with.

    There are a handful of "feminism" tests out there, but for the above reason, I'm glad you chose to take this one.


    Unlike other test authors who have endeavored to breach the Ultimate Touchy Subject of feminism, this one has experience [a lot of it] in feminist theory.  Feminism covers a vast number of often conflicting ideas, so many people find themselves agreeing with some ideas but not others and that's because "feminism" is an umbrella term thrown around as loosely and meaninglessly as the word "hipster".

    This test will give you an idea of who's side you're more likely to be on when it comes to those conflicting ideas. Plus, that idea will be based in the theories of feminists and historians, so you can actually apply it to the real world! Or at least walk into a feminist theory discussion with some idea of your own predispositions.

    ***I am a human being I have biases I am writing this test because I am well-versed in feminist theory both in and out of academic settings and have particpated in/"identified" as several noted kinds of feminist, though I see some theories as more effective than others that stratification is not the goal of this test so do not get thirsty with me for the love of bepis christy***