The "Seriously, are you a real New Yorker?" test.

  • You think you're a real New Yorker? Fuck this trivia about the Empire State Building. I'm going to get into the gritty grimy and REAL shit that makes you a New Yorker. 

  • 1

    You're afraid of cockroaches.

  • 2

    Moon Hooch plays in train stations along which Subway line(s)?

  • 3

    The FDNY:

  • 4

    The NYPD:

  • 5

    You're at the bodega: "Yeah, I'm gonna have this Olde English 40 and a ______."

  • 6

    You're back at the bodega several hours later, and very intoxicated. You're getting a chopped cheese and you know it. Which ingredient has no business on a chopped cheese?

  • 7

    You're at the West 4th Street Subway station and there's a homeless guy pooping at the end of the platform. What is your reaction?

  • 8

    How much is admission to the Met?

  • 9

    Loosies come in which, and only which, variety?

  • 10

    Yo, I'm tryin' to get some new shit for mah basketball team, mah dude. Some new uniforms and shit. Tryin' to stay off the streets and shit and be straight ya'll. I got M&M's and _______ fo' sale. (Fill in the blank)

  • 11

    Mars Bar is full of?

  • 12

    You get stopped by the infamous "Hey wanna check out a cool comedy club?" guys who try to see you tickets to see Dane Cook or someone equally shitty. You say:

  • 13

    The tree lighting at Rockefeller Center is?

  • 14

    "Shit, dude that fucking line for the bathroom is OD. Shouldn't have had that last beer."  You choose to: