• Hi! And welcome to my seriously-real-match-me-test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature.
  • 1
    Ok, here we go.. Sooooooooooo.. You're just home from work and you're exhausted, would you prefer to..

  • 2
    Tattoos and piercings?

  • 3
    What do you prefer on your girl?

  • 4
    What kind of music do you listen to?

  • 5
    Would you think i was crazy if..

  • 6
    When do you usually go to bed?

  • 7
    How long is your hair?

  • 8
    If you could choose, how often would you like to ...me?

  • 9
    Do you have a job that you like?

  • 10
    I've had enough of your company and goes into the bedroom to read a book, your first thought is...?

  • 11
    Your mum comes to your house to do your laundry, you think...

  • 12
    If i say "home depot" you think..?

  • 13
    What is your favourite out of the following..

  • 14
    Have you ever kissed/made out with/had sex with another guy?

  • 15
    Do you like reading?

  • 16
    Do you like pets?

  • 17
    When you've had a few drinks you...

  • 18
    Your favourite season is..

  • 19
    For entertainment you like...

  • 20
    Would you ever consider moving abroad?