• Most people are misled about mathematics (mostly by their highschool and even college/university teachers). Most brilliant mathematicians have usually hated studying highschool or university level maths -- not because it was too simple, but because it wasn't real maths.

    You don't have to know anything about maths to take this test and get relevent results. Grade five level maths should be enough.

    So far only one person, out of 150 or so has scored a Genius, which requires a score of 30%+ axioms variable and 80%+ in the fundamentals variables.

    This test is designed to measure your understanding of foundations of mathematics through set theory and philosophy. I'll provide results for both mathematicians and non-mathematicians. You could be the next biggest mathematician in history and you might not know it. Let's find out...

  • If you are not a mathematician, ignore the following sentence: By "set theory" I am referring to ZF-set theory (ZFC).