• Hi! And welcome to the Sexologists Kink Assessment Test.


    Are you a freak in the sack? Or just a sack? Men and Women, gay, straight, or anywhere in between - you are invited to determine how sexually experienced you are, as well as how open you are to experimenting with new (or old) ideas in the bedroom.


    The key to this test is honesty. Please answer each question truthfully, even if you don't want it to be true.

    Don't answer these questions based on how society or others may judge you.

    Don't answer as the person you WANT to be. Answer as the person you ARE.



    If you are under 18, or are bothered by (very) sexually explicit language, images, or concepts - DO NOT take this test. Instead, ask yourself why the hell you clicked on this test in the first place, then go find a prayer group.


    *Note* I am not a sexologist. This test is for fun only, and has 0% scientific validity - probably.