The Sexual Adventuress (for girls who like guys) Test

  • Hi! And welcome to the new, improved version of my test, in which I'll use words, pictures and math (don't worry, I'll hide the math) to attempt to determine how sexually adventurous you are. I'll also throw in scores for experience and curiosity and compatibility score at no extra charge. ;)

    The format on this test is pretty basic: I present 25 sexual activities and four possible responses for each one (five, if you include "no answer"), based on "Have you done this?" (Experience) and "Do you want to do this in the future?" (Curiosity).

    Top adventuring points are awarded for things you've done and want to do again, so that only someone who answers "Done that and ready to do it again" to every item on the test will get 100% adventuring points. Obviously, very few people will score that high while answering truthfully.

    Willingness to try new things receives higher points than having done something and not wanting to do it again.

    No adventuring points are awarded for skipped questions. Skipping questions will affect your score and will be treated as if you answered "Never tried it. Never will."

    Experience and Curiosity are opposite sides of the same coin, so someone who wants to experience everything they haven't done yet would have a total Experience+Curiosity of 100% (e.g. it shouldn't be possible to get 80 on one and 70 on the other), though it's certainly possible for the two scores to total less than 100%.
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  • Warning: Some of the images in this test are explicit (the fellatio image on the first page of the test is the most sexually explicit) and some of them are just silly. I did try to keep it light :) Some of the questions use wording that could be considered offensive as well, though I've mostly used correct anatomical terms. The extremely easily offended and the humorless should find something else to do ;)

    There are a total of 25 questions, 5 to a page. Thanks for taking my test. Have fun and remember that no score is "better" than any other.