The Sexual Opinion Survey, now hetero, homo, and bi-sexually friendly

  • The Sexual Opinion Survey (SOS) is a widely used questionnaire that measures tendencies toward erotophobia and erotophilia.  Erotophobic persons have a more negative affect toward sexually related situations; erotophilic persons respond more positively.  This test will give you a general idea of whether you are more erotophobic or erotophilic.  The test "The Sexual Opinion Survey" is taken from the book Adolescents, Sex and Contraception by D. Byrne and W. A. Fisher. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates 1983. The scoring belongs with the survey, but the score divisions and commentaries are mine.

    To accommodate test takers that are gay, straight and bi, I have included instructions in parenthesis for those who lean more gay than straight.


    Here is your final commentary in the event you are given something different:

    0-18 Strongly Erotophobic Taking this test probably made you very uncomfortable. The fact that you took this test, says you at least took this test, and I applaud you!!! In the future you would greatly benefit in opening your mind to sexuality.


    18-36 Erotophobic You were probably uncomfortable with much of the test. You do have a slim curiosity about sexuality; I encourage you to pursue that curiosity in the future; of course using an open mind, and maybe your body.


    36-54 Somewhat Erotophobic Sexuality makes you somewhat squeamish. You probably struggle with your personal ideas of sexuality and those ideas you think you should possess. Relax, most people's ideas of sexuality and those they present aren't always consistent. Explore your own ideas and forget about anyone else's ideas; your sexuality is only about you!


    54-72 Eroto Neutral Congratulations, you are neither erotophobic or erotophilic. That, however, may mean that you are unwilling to commit to ideas of your sexuality. Continue to explore your sexuality alone or with a trusted partner; you may be delighted in your sexuality transformation.


    72-90 Somewhat Erotophilic For the most part you are comfortable with your sexuality, but often wonder if you should test your own boundaries.  As you test your boundaries, and possibly those of your partner, keep in mind that pushing the boundaries is a wonderful thing, violating the boundaries may be destructive.


    90-108 Erotophilic You are extremely comfortable with your own sexuality. There are some things you do and some things you don't; but you will usually try anything once. You have a strong appreciation to what you like and don't like, and are assertive enough to share that with your partner.


    over 108 Strongly Erotophilic You have a very open mind to sexuality, and a great need to be sexual! You may find, however, that other equally important areas in your life take a back seat to your sexuality. Do not alter your ideas and expression of your sexuality; just make certain you balance the other areas of your life.



    All answers are scored 1 through 7; strongly agree to strongly disagree.  1=strongly agree, 4=neutral, 7=strongly disagree.