• Salutations potential Sexy Beast. I, Uno The Sexy Man Beast, will be your quiz master for the duration of this fine study of human nature and personality.

    Now, you might have read the title of this test and assumed that it was based upon the movie of the same name. It is not, so I apologize for those of you lured here under false pretenses. I would ask you to stay, yet you may not be worthy. So leave... unless you believe you might be SEXY BEAST enough.

    So I suspect that you have found yourself pondering some very thought provoking questions, such as

    "WTF is this bologna?", "How did this guy get so funky and where can I get some?", or "What exactly IS a Sexy Beast?".

    First, shut up and listen.


    Secondly, I couldn't tell you if I wanted to and believe me, I don't.

    Now, you may have a few ideas of your own of what a Sexy Beast may be, but allow me to set you straight.

    A Sexy Beast is a complicated individual. Let me break it down.

    Pronunciation: 'sek-sE 'bEst Function: noun, verb, adjective, adverb. Inflected Form(s): sex·i·er; -est, beast.
    1 : an utterly sexually appealing man or woman who can not help the animal like attraction which they inflict on the unsuspecting, yet never unwilling, victims of passion. 2: Uno The Sexy Man Beast and any one who scores high enough during a Sexy Beast evaluation.

    If you deserve to know more...

    You will get more.

    Got it? Good. Let us commence the exam.