• The sexy seven are seven personality dimensions that define your sexuality. In this test I will test the dimensions: Sexual attractiveness, Relationship exclusivity, Gender orientation and Emotional investment.

    In part 2 I'll test: Sexual restraint, Erotophillic disposition and Sexual Orientation.

    The sexy seven where created in 2000 by Dave Smitt and David Buss. There research tried to see how sexual language held up to the big five and if more specific personality traits where needed to describe ones sexuality.(Smitt & Buss, 2000)

    Emotional investment: how affectionate are you?
    Erotophillic disposition: how open are you about sex and are you a bit kinky?
    Gender Orientation: Are you more feminine or masculine according to the typical gender roles
    Relationship exclusivity: are you exclusive with one partner or would you like more then one to share your bed?
    Sexual attractiveness: Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder science still wants to categorize everything. This rates how beautiful you are.
    Sexual Orientation: straight, gay or bi?
    Sexual restraint: Are you a virgin or do you sleep with someone for a beer?