• So you're sitting at home, watching TV one night. Sounds harmless enough, right? Wrong. Sure, taking in an episode of NCIS, CSI or SVU might be harmless enough, but what about once you reach an advertising slot? The truth is, many of us have been sitting there idly during those breaks, too lazy to flick over to another channel until the ad break is over - and then it happens.


    A stereotypically gorgeous woman (or man) sashays across the television screen. Who is this amazing figure? They're glowing. Radiant. Or, at least, their hair is. You sit there, stunned, unable to look away. The luscious TV spokesmodel lathers something through their wet hair, although the rest of their body remains mysteriously dry. A brand name is splashed across the screen, and subsequently burnt into your mind.


    That's right. You've been struck by a shampoo commercial.


    All of a sudden it hits you. YOU want to have hair as gorgeous as that. You want it all - fame, fortune, and hair worthy of a starring role in a Clairol commercial. So let's find out how close to that point you are. I'll ask you 20 questions - 11 to establish how worthy your hair is of a shampoo commercial, and another 9 to see if you understand the protocol required of such ads. See, it takes not just gorgeous hair, but the mind of someone who has gorgeous hair to make a truly amazing shampoo commercial.


    So, give your hair a little flick (ignore this bit if you are bald), and click away.



    LAUNCHED: January 9, 2007.

    UPDATED: October 24, 2008.