• You are a shape.

    One, special, geometric form serves as the perfect metaphor for your personality, and it is the purpose of this survey to determine which shape matches you best.

    Are you manipulative? That could make you a warped isosceles triangle. Stupid? Maybe you're more like a prolapsed oval. Talented? Could be a star. Are you appreciative? Can you hold a grudge? Are you emotionally conflicted? Are you in love? Do you like it in the tailpipe? Would you cry like a total nancy if your mother slapped you in public? Are you an extrovert with a mild case of verbal diarrhea? Perhaps you're a stubborn ratfucker who wouldn't budge even if it meant saving your marriage of 12 long years? Maybe you're cool.

    Who knows which polygon you'll be, but you've come to the right place to find out, you fucking square.