• Hi! And welcome to my The Shining test. I'll be testing your knowlegde of this classic thriller by quizzing you about the characters, plot, history and locations, proving once and for all if you're a true Kubrick fan like me =D
  • 1
    How long do Jack Torrence and his family have to stay at the Overlook Hotel?

  • 2
    What is the name of the Overlook's chef?

  • 3
    What happened before construction of the Overlook could be completed?

  • 4
    ------------------------- What was in room 237?

  • 5
    What "shining" vision do Danny and his mother eventually share?

  • 6
    What theme does the maze in the film parallel?

  • 7
    ------------------- What did Stanley Kubrick (director) use for snow in the film?

  • 8
    What does the typwriter say when Wendy goes to check it?

  • 9
    What did Jack do to dash Wendy's chances of escaping the hotel?

  • 10
    ---------------- What was the highest amount of takes that Kubrick demanded of actor Shelly Duvall (aka 'Wendy')?

  • 11
    What is on Danny's jumper when he is abused by an unknown force?