• Been spending time on a little site, looking for work slaves. Yes, seriously. Have found, maybe, one. Maybe not....  

    Having grown supremely tired of being asked many questions, asking many questions, and wasting much time, I decided to make a quiz for people to take, straight away. If they do not pass, we do not continue.

    This test is divided into 10 different categories and is not designed to cover every possibly contingency, but, to give a broad overview of potential compatibility, which means that it is more likely to tell us if we are definitely not compatible than if we are; but, at least it is a starting point.

    So, if you want to know if we are compatible, with you as my slave and me and me as your Mistress, take this test to get started on finding out.

    And, keep in mind, these questions and answers are designed as they are for a reason. I do not want to hear the usual "If that's what you want, I'll do whatever you say." answers. I want to hear the answers that are closest to how you are, what you truly hope for, outside of what you may think I want.