• This test is for women to let the guys know that IM'ing or emailing about their tits right away is not on. Guys, if you're so tempted, take a cold shower, and consider that some of the ladies on this site score 100% on this test.

    This test quantifies your tolerance for receipt of messages from someone you've just met online who opens the conversation with such gems as,
       "How big are your tits?",
       "Do you have nude pics?",
    or the misspelled yet touchingly sincere,
       "What to fuck?"

    This is your chance to quantify your desire to eliminate the bar shotgun method to online matchmaking. Let the guys know there's nothing wrong with talking about sex -- just not in the first two minutes.

    When you take this test you will be given a score that will appear on your tests results like, 50% disgusted with premature sexual chat.