• Hi! And welcome to my Simpsons Or Family Guy Test. This will determine whether your knowledge of the Simpsons and Family Guy. I will give a description of an episode, you tell me if it was from the Simpsons or Family Guy.
  • 1
    Which is a vegetarian.

  • 2
    The family lives on Evergreen Terrace

  • 3
    Which has worked as a Knight in the Renaissance Festival.

  • 4
    The family pet can talk on which show.

  • 5
    The principal of who's school on ths show is voiced by Harry Shearer.

  • 6
    Which mayor loves taffy?

  • 7
    Which is mentally retarded?

  • 8
    The baby on this show shot the town's richest man.

  • 9
    This show has had James Woods star as himself twice.

  • 10
    Who's closet is ruled by an evil animal.

  • 11
    This show has had the following characters: Frank Grimes, Robert Terwiliger and Akira.

  • 12
    Gumbel to Gumbel was a favorite of this show's family.

  • 13
    The daughter of this show had a different voice actor in the first episodes.

  • 14
    Which knew Gene Simmons before he was in KISS.

  • 15
    This show has featured the following amusement parks: Blockoland, and Mount Splashmore