• Hi! And welcome to my Skateboarding in the 90's Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your gnosis of the skateboarding revolution during the 90's, my prime.
  • 1
    One of Tony Hawk's last Powell Peralta decks featured one of the first long noses (6'') of the skateboard manufacturing industry. Now that the board shape has become relatively static and consistent, which dimension of the board is now longest?

  • 2
    In the 80's there were three or four genres of skateboarding; street, vert, freestyle, and downhill. Rodney Mullen has been there from then and through the synthesis of these genres into what is now just skateboarding. But what style did he master before the synthesis?

  • 3
    World Industries, one of the largest skateboard companies owned by Steve Rocco rivaling Santa Cruz and Powell Peralta in the 80's, created smaller company divisions during the 90's that went on to become two of skateboarding's most influential companies. Which one is among those companies?

  • 4
    Which one of these actors, defining the signature style for the backside kickflip, used to ride professionally for Blind Skateboards?

  • 5
    What company released the single most revolutionary video ever, featuring Patrick Duffy frontside lipsliding a 15-stair handrail in the rain and the immortal style and consistency of Eric Koston, called 'The Questionable Video'?

  • 6
    Which of these pro skaters landed a 900 more than 10 years before Tony Hawk did, but fell on the half pipe flat bottom ?

  • 7
    What now defunct company made the video that wasn't supposed to get released, but got bootlegged, that featured that 900 and the divine nectar of Matt Hensley's sick street style?

  • 8
    Skateboarding has gone through some silly fads, but has thus set the pace for urban cultural fads, always on the frontier of what's deemed 'cool' among counter culture/consumer culture. Alongside obscenely huge pants (no, not 'Jinko's), what skateboard part suffered a ridiculously impractical reduction in size?