• "Stupid risks are what make life worth living!"

    "Feel your heart pumping a mile a minute? That's what my heart's doing all the time! I bet your left arm's tingling, too."

    "Feeling stupid? I know I am!"

    ~Homer Simpson


    Ever had a burning desire to endanger yourself or break the law in fun and sketchy ways? Of course you have! We all do from time to time. This test will illegally probe and circumnavigate your propensity to do so.

    If you've ever done--or thought about doing--any of the following, this test is for you:

    + Hopping a freight train

    + Hitchhiking

    + Sleeping in a ditch or on a roof

    + Breaking into abandoned buildings

    + Crawling through sewers or tunnels

    + Exploring industrial parks

    Why might anyone do any of these uncomfortable and potentially life-threatening things? Reasons of leisure/travel/lifestyle/mental illness, of course! Life is good, until your heart is beating out of its ribcage. Then, it's great.

    Just ask John Green, of the legendary Brotherhood 2.0...

    (Note: a video is supposed to be embedded here, but has been flaky. Not mandatory, but it'll get you, shall we say, in the moodSee it on Youtube here.)

  • Obligatory Disclaimer: A lot of people regularly get hurt or die while doing things that this test asks about. If you're going to take risks, DO NOT be stupid about it. If you do choose to be stupid about it, don't sue me. I live in, uh, Zimbabwe, and am un-sue-able. Diplomatic immunity.