• This test is intended for men who are submissive and wish to become the slave of a Domme / Dominatrix / Mistress. Or, if you just want to see if you fall into a submissive category (or in fact are more dominant). The purpose of this test is to determine your level of submissiveness (or lack thereof). Those familiar in this lifestyle can refer to the results as Dom, Switch, Sub or Slave. I created this test to find the perfect male slave. So far, I have not found a real slave. I believe they are a myth.
  • Welcome to the slave test. This test is designed for men who wish to be owned by a woman OR, to see how submissive you are.
  • 1
    When you are in a public place and you see a woman you find attractive, what do you imagine yourself doing?

  • 2
    There is a woman at your work that you are attracted to. What do you do?

  • 3
    When you masturbate, what is your most common fantasy? (If none of these apply, pick the closest one)

  • 4
    If a woman ordered you to do something like lower your eyes, speak more softly, or kneel, how would you feel?

  • 5
    What do you think of bondage gear (leather whips, bondage tape, handcuffs, etc.) used in sex play?

  • 6
    If a woman produced a male chastity device as a gift to you, what would your reaction be?

  • 7
    What are your feelings about money?

  • 8
    How do you feel about transvestites?

  • 9
    Would you ever go to a woman's house whom you found attractive and do anything she said to clean it, fix her car, or whatever else on her immediate command -- without complaint?

  • 10
    Society has a large taboo about masturbation. Do you feel guilty about it? Do you believe you masturbate "too often"? If you do, how do you believe you should control your masturbation?