• Welcome to the Smart Date Screening test. The purpose of this little exercise is to acquire a feel for how well-rounded and inquisitive you have been in life so far. The questions are geared towards humanities-type subjects. Doing poorly on this test does not indicate a lack of intelligence, as one may well be a genius in mathematics or mechanical engineering. It does help to show whether a person has those 'Renaissance' qualities which make for an interesting intellectual match. So enjoy, and be a curious person about the world!
  • 1
    Which of these people was an important catalyst in the flowering of culture during the so-called Renaissance? (1 point)

  • 2
    Which one of the following is NOT an Indo-European language? (2 pts)

  • 3
    Which of the following countries was NOT allied to the Axis powers during World War Two? (1 point)

  • 4
    The domestic cat is currently believed to have been domesticated in what is now: (1 point)

  • 5
    The study of coins is commonly referred to as: (1 point)

  • 6
    The most common element in the Earth's atmosphere is: (1 point)

  • 7
    Tbe world's oldest known wine cellars were found in: (2 pts)

  • 8
    Besides Canada and Mexico, select the TWO countries closest in distance to the borders of the United States: (1 point)

  • 9
    Which of the following was NOT invented first in ancient China? (1 point)

  • 10
    English, in its modern form, is most properly classified as which type of language? (1 point)

  • 11
    Which of the following modern locations was NOT at some point a Dutch colony? (2 pts)

  • 12
    A controversial set of passages removed from the Koran commanding moderation towards non-Muslims is commonly referred to as: (2 pts)

  • 13
    The word 'terroirism' denotes: (1 point)

  • 14
    Which of the following is generally believed to have NOT been practiced in Catholicism since its early origins? (2 pts)

  • 15
    A binturong is: (2 pts)

  • 16
    Which of the following was NOT advocated by the famous Protestant reformer Martin Luther? (3 pts)

  • 17
    The oldest multi-page book in the world was recently discovered in which country, written in which language? (2 pts)

  • 18
    Recently a number of government officials and congressmen were unable to correctly answer this question. See if you know better! What Islamic sect did Al-Quaid originate in? (1 point)

  • 19
    An ancient civilization in which of these modern countries first invented chocolate? (1 point)

  • 20
    An atl-atl is: (3 pts)