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    Hi! And welcome to my Smashing Pumpkins lyrics Test. This will test how much you really know about the Pumpkins and their songs. This shouldn't be too hard for any real SP fan to get a good score on. There are twenty questions in total, only one correct answer to each one. Enjoy :D An easy one to start with. Match the song to the lyric. "And I still believe that I cannot be saved."

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    "Speak your peace to the murmurs drawn, youth is wasted on the young"

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    "I read your letters to feel better, my tears upon the faded ink."

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    "Sprinkle all my kisses on your head, stars full of wishes fill her head."

  • 5
    "Words can't define what I feel inside, who needs them?

  • 6
    "One solution, one takes you beyond, this love..."

  • 7
    "Try to understand the ones you love and their demands."

  • 8
    "Is it wrong to be swallowed whole, to disappear in her, to give her the priceless peace of giving up control."

  • 9
    "I don't know what I believe, but if I feel safe, what do I need?"

  • 10
    "The street heats the urgency of now, as you see there's no one around."

  • 11
    "I'll pull your crooked teeth, you'll be perfect just like me."

  • 12
    "Intoxicated with the madness, I'm in love with my sadness."

  • 13
    "You haven't changed, you're still the same, may you rise as you fall."

  • 14
    "If it's a white hot soul they want, it's a black heart they'll get."

  • 15
    "Shell-shocked and half-cocked, the universe is full of black holes and anniversary nights."

  • 16
    "My angel wings were bruised and restrained, my belly stings."

  • 17
    "They'll spin you gold and paint you black with the blood of your surprise."

  • 18
    "So I crumple this page and rip it up, never piece my broken heart to you."

  • 19
    "Underneath the wheels lie the skulls of every cog, the fickle fascination of an everlasting god..."

  • 20
    "On a distant shoreline she waves her arms to me, as all the thought police are closing in for sleep