• You've clicked on this test; so far, so good. The man behind the one way mirror is making note of this. He's nodding in approval. Don't look. Good.


    This test was created with the help of several well-reknown Swedish scientists and one above-average intelligence duck. After years of number crunching, data punching, and blowing through millions of dollars in research funding on booze and test tubes, these scientists (and the slightly above-average intelligence duck) have produced this test in order to determine with scientific precision just how much of a snapple fact connoisseur you are.  


    In this test you will be asked to complete a set of unfinished random facts. So, if you're like me and have regrettably given away many a crook and cranny of your brain attic to useless facts, today you will shine like a big, beautiful star. Yes, you will. I believe in you. Now, take this sword and go on to the next page.