The So You Think You Know Abraham Lincoln Test

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  • Hi! And welcome to my So You Think You Know Abraham Lincoln Test. I'll be implementing some pretty basic questions, as well as some more obscure trivia about our nation's 16th president. As a warning, this test isn't meant to be easy, so if you get a low score, all it means is that you are actually fairly average when it comes to people and their Lincoln-knowledge. These questions came from a number of books and online sources, and many of them are just interesting little facts that I've collected over the past months. It is my hope to find some other Lincoln enthusiasts, as well as maybe present some information that people may not know. Learning is fun! Give it a spin, impress me. I'll probably be editing this as time goes on. Of course, I acknowledge that some of you are going to be filthy cheaters and look up the answers over the internets. It's entirely up to you, but I don't think ol' "Honest Abe" would look kindly upon such a thing.