• Hi! And welcome to my So You Think You Know Tolkien Test. This test will measure how much you know about the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, including his most famous creation, The Lord of the Rings.

    A lot of his other unpublished notes have also been released in other volumes, but this test will focus on his 3 most famous volumes, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion (edited and released posthumously by his son Christopher).

    For the particularly astute Tolkien fans, I apologize for not using the properly accented characters, but it's just not worth the effort.

    The results aren't as finely partitioned as I wanted. The cutoff point for The Hobbit and for The Silmarillion is 65%, so even if you scored 64%, the test still treats you like you don't know anything about them. The Lord of the Rings cutoffs are 60% and 90%.

    Here are links to all the other tests on Tolkien trivia that I've found. Some focus more on movies, some ask about external trivia outside the actual stories, some are way harder than mine, others are way easier. Some of them seem to have poorly worded or "unfair" questions that don't really have a clear cut correct answer. When you finish my test, you can use the back arrow in your web browser to come back and check out some of these other tests: