• So you want to be a body piercer?
  • 1
    What is a labret piercing?

  • 2
    Which is the best method for cleaning your tools of all bacteria:

  • 3
    Why are sewing needles bad piercing tools?

  • 4
    Why are piercing guns bad piercing tools?

  • 5
    The standard gauge size for most navel, nipple and lip piercings is:

  • 6
    What is a 'Nape' piercing?

  • 7
    If you stretch your earlobes to a 00 gauge can they shrink back to normal size?

  • 8
    What does CBR stand for?

  • 9
    How do you become a piercer?

  • 10
    Nose piercing (nostril) is best done with which method?

  • 11
    Before you get a piercing, its a good idea to:

  • 12
    Over cleaning your tongue piercing with alcohol based mouthwash can cause...

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