• The "Soul Mate For You" is highly scientific and bases your preference of a romantic partner on four different levels of personality, grouping your ideal lover into one of sixteen different categories.

    The four areas of testing your preference of a life partner are as follows:

    1.) Where his or her flow of energy comes from. From within(Introverted) or from external sources (Extraverted)?
    2.) How he or she takes in information. Through the five senses (Sensing) or instincts/mind (iNtuitive)?
    3.) How he or she prefers to make decisions. Is it based on logic and objective consideration? (Thinking) Or is it based on a personal, subjective value system? (Feeling)
    4.) How he or she deals with the external world on a day-to-day basis. Is he or she organized and purposeful, and more comfortable with scheduled, structured environments? (Judging) Or is he or she flexible and diverse, and more comfortable with open, casual environments?(Perceiving)