• How deep-down compatible are we?

    This is a long test. You have been warned.

    This test contains 100 multiple-choice questions, designed to accurately test your compatibility with me. Although some of the questions ask about preferences, the true emphasis of the test is to determine whether or not we share a similar philisophical viewpoint regarding reality, our roles in it, our ambitions, and the parameters of positive and productive behavior. So most of these questions determine whether or not our individual egos are conducive to mutual respect, rather than whether or not our personal details are superficially similar.

    Some of these questions are taken from my Discover a Great Guy Test, but most of them are completely new. In this test, I tried my very best to choose only questions whose answers matter, in determining a taker's philisophical concordance with me on a wide variety of issues relevant to the success of a potential romantic relationship. For the sake of brevity, most of the questions about relationships are phrased in such a manner as to assume that the taker is a straight female. So if you're not, you'll have to imagine that the question is phrased in a manner that makes it applicable to you. I am sorry for any difficulty caused by this.

    I deliberately make my tests difficult to score high on, percentage-wise, in order to create more space for differential results at the high end of the scoring spectrum. The average score on this test is approximately 35% concordance, so unlike on a high school math exam, scoring around 50% on this one would be an exceptionally high score. The questions are not weighted equally, and some questions have additional partial-credit answers. If you skip any question, you will statistically recieive the same score for that question as if you had chosen a completely random answer. So there is no real "penalty" for skipping questions that you are not comfortable answering. But please do try to think about what your answers would be, and answer as many of these as possible.

    If you enjoy trivia, you should definitely check out my Uncommon Knowledge Test. Rumor is, it's pretty stump-tastic.

    So here come the questions. If you decide to finish this entire test, I congratulate you in advance. You will have taken the most thorough and accurate Match Me Test ever to appear on OKcupid!



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    The following statement(s) applies to me:

  • See? That question wasn't too hard. Chin up! Only 99 to go!