• Hi! And welcome to my South Dakotan Test. If you've been on the I-90 lately you may recognize the prairie land or the beautiful hills we have. Enjoy the tourism.
  • 1
    First of all, what is our capital and when was it established?

  • 2
    What is our tallest mountain?

  • 3
    When you come through in January you will notice we are really cold, but we always have our spring blizzards, where is our coldest temperatures recorded at?

  • 4
    If you enjoy Public Radio, please tell me where it airs from in South Dakota (there is only one station with many satellite ones)?

  • 5
    Every year in August, we have the Rally of motorcycles; tell me which city is it in?

  • 6
    When was our wonderful state established as the 40th state in the union?

  • 7
    We have a low sales tax in our state, what is the minimum you will pay anywhere in our state with the exception of Indian Reservations?