• Before you take this test keep in mind, consistancy is paramount (if you don't want to turn into goo).  If you pick something with ESP, then pick something involving technology, or mechanics, your risking your life in your new species.  Keep in mind of the questions which is best to you, or worse if it's asking you for worst.  Take your time, but not too much, and you'll get results.  I recently updated the test with new questions (10 June 2010) and updated the scores so fewer people would turn to goo.

     This test is designed to facilitate your evolution into a new and better species... You'll answer questions that will genetically morph you into a new species based on your answers as to which one you correspond with... some people will be more mixed up than others, and some will be definitively one species or another.  Which are you... Some of you know, some of you don't... so lest find out.  This test doesn't make you into what you want, so much as it tells you which creature and thereforth you are.  This test is only for entertainment, and isn't based on anything real or solid.  If you come out a glob of goop then it's neither my or the team of voices in my head's fault for such.  Enter at your own risk.