• Hi! And welcome to my the sports car in America, Post WWII Test. I'll be using advanced knowledge to determine your knowledge of this subject. Have fun and good luck. Only 10 questions.
  • 1
    Question #1. Which US auto manufacturer built the first American sports car?

  • 2
    Question #2. In what year was the first US sports car produced?

  • 3
    Question #3. In what maker's showrooms would you buy the second American sports car?

  • 4
    Question #4. What year was that second American sports car made?

  • 5
    Question # 5. The third American sports car was built by...?

  • 6
    Question #6. In what year did the third US sports car become available?

  • 7
    Question #7. What American sports car came fourth?

  • 8
    Question #8 In what year did this fourth American sports car debut?

  • 9
    Question #9. When did a V8 become available in an American sports car?

  • 10
    Question #10. What American millionaire sportsman custom built sports cars (in very limited numbers) to compete unsucessfuly in the 24 hour race at Le Mans, France, in the early 1950's.