• Alright dudes, this game came out in 1998 and completely still owns. Thousands still play the game online and they have professional gamers who regularly play this game in turnaments for more than what some surgical doctors earn in a year. I remember buying this in '98 and still i cant stop playing, its monolithic.

    Alright, this test will make a few assessments, and ill probably upgrade it after time, cause... well right now im watching my power hour of daily show and colbert report so its what im pulling from memory, so nothin too hard YET. But this test will assess your gameplay knowledge along the lines of rock paper scissors for the races, then there will be stats on units and capabilities, then a lil fun with which unit says what (needless to say little zerg is in that one...), and finally the history and storyline of the game.

    Hope you like it guys, please rate if you would be so kind. Hey and if you can, hit me up with suggestions for the test so i can make it harder and more comprehensive! Have fun!

    (also, for the better enjoyment of this test, if anyone has some good Starcraft pics or comics, send them my way, ill load them up! cause well, we may be grown up, but pictures still rule while reading!)