• Although there are a few homestarrunner.com tests out there and an unthinkable amount of movie and song quotation identification tests, I've never seen anyone do a pure and simple "complete the homestarrunner.com" quote test. Which brings us to The Strong Bad Libs Test. Okay, so it's not really like a Mad Lib, but you still have to fill in the blanks--I'll tell you who said it and ask you to pick the correct answer that fits in the blank. Quotes are taken from anywhere on the website, but mostly from Strong Bad Emails and Toons.

    This is my first attempt at a test, and I'm open to suggestions on additional quotes to add, so feel free to message me with your favorite homestarrunner.com quotes I may have forgotten. Also feel free to scrutinize for inaccuracies, spelling errors, and the like.

    Thanks, and enjoy the test!