• Welcome to The Subconcious Self Test. During this session we will be measuring the ways in which your mind Feels that you may not be conciously aware of....oooooh
  • 1
    Picture yourself walking through a forest. You are completely alone for miles. It is silent but for the occasionally twig-cracking underneath your feet. You step into a clearing and suddenly a huge bear appears and approaches you. Does the bear: Attack and injure you?

  • 2
    Or do you: Defend yourself and injure/kill the bear?

  • 3
    You continue walking through this forest and come across a stream. Is the water: Relatively calm and clear?

  • 4
    Or is the water: Agitated and/or murky?

  • 5
    You continue walking and come across a cup on the ground. Is the cup in: distressed condition?

  • 6
    Or is the cup in: good condition?

  • 7
    In the cup scenario, do you choose to: keep the cup?

  • 8
    You continue walking along, and you come across a key. Is the key: Antique or old-looking?

  • 9
    In the key scenario, do you choose to: Keep the key?

  • 10
    Continuing onward, you find a mirror. Is the mirror small?

  • 11
    Is the mirror cumbersome/overly large?

  • 12
    Is the mirror damaged or broken?

  • 13
    You continue walking and approach a door. Does the door conjure a feeling of fear in you?

  • 14
    You try to open the door. Is it locked?

  • 15
    Try to envision yourself now in this world, and your appearance. Are you naked?

  • 16
    If you are dressed, are your clothes: In good condition?

  • 17
    Try now to envision you current surroundings in this world. Are they lush/beautiful to you?

  • 18
    In this world, try and look up at the sky. Is it:

  • 19
    Last Question: Are you comfortable in this fantasy world you've just experienced?