• Hi! And welcome to my Suitor Suitability Test. This test is purely selfish in nature; its purpose is to size you up and sort you into into categories--Men Who Could Make Me Blissfully Happy, Men Who Might Be Fun to Hang Out With, and Men From Whom I Should Run Like Hell. Enjoy! Update: (Sept. 13, 2006) I have deleted one question, slightly altered the scoring for a few others, and added an additional page of new questions. I have also adjusted the category boundaries for the final results. While the changes I have made shouldn't affect your percentages much, they may affect the category you fall into. You may wish to take this test again to get a more accurate measure of suitability. Further Update: (Sept. 25, 2006) I have inserted a few questions of a practical nature--for instance, it should not be possible to score 100% suitable if you are married!--to increase the accuracy of the test.

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