• Greetings, earthling! And welcome to my Sun, Earth and Moon Facts Test.

    I come in peace. But before you take me to your leader, I'd like to examine how much you know about your planet and its immediate surroundings. Based on your answers, I will determine the future of the human race.

    Some of my questions are easy, some are harder. The latter will earn you more points if you pick the right answer. If an answer is wrong, you will get 0 points. Hit the button below when you're ready.

  • [Update 2008/09/27]

    As it turned out, our automatic Alienese/English translator was a little flawed when it came to the proper translations of "revolve" and "rotate". The particularly gifted individual who pointed that out will be offered a place in our society, nonwithstanding the fate of the rest of you.

    Oh, and of course we apologize for any inconvenience.