The Super-Sexy "What Is Your Beauty Ideal?" Test

  • Is beauty merely skin deep? Does it lie strictly in the eye of the beholder? Is it ethereal or substantial? Can it be easily defined? How much of a role has TV and printed media played in forming your perception of beauty and sex appeal? Well, this short quiz will provide a little insight as to how some of those questions relate to your subjective notion of beauty. Simply by choosing from a series of purposefully-grouped, intentionally-provocative images, you will reveal a bit of how your subconscious mind defines beauty and perhaps learn just how prone you are to suggestion.


    And, just for fun, in addition to providing a brief summation of your beauty ideal, I will also take the set of priorities that seem most appealing to you and apply them to the world of broadcast entertainment. In other words, I'll examine your general tastes and sensibilities and assign you a cable/TV network that best matches them.


    Now, since femininity more easily lends itself to definitions of beauty than does masculinity (which is driven more by charisma than true physical beauty), all of these images are of women. However, this quiz is designed to gauge one's psychological registering of beauty and therefore your sex and/or sexual preference needn't be of a concern here. In other words, you will learn a bit about your own beauty ideal whether you are male or female, straight or gay. The only requirement is that you be open and honest with your choices as to how they affect you on an emotional level. All you have to do for each of the following sets of photos is pick the letter from the corresponding image that is most appealing to you. So, if you are not sexually attracted to any of the women in a certain grouping (either due to your sexual preference or particular taste in women), you should still choose the image that you are most drawn to rather than picking the one that you assume most people would find appealing.