• What is Sweet-Evil you ask? It is the quality of combining sweet with the mischievous, naughty, and playful. It is chaotic-good, mostly harmless, but a hand full of trouble. This test tracks two core variables, evil (naughty, sexy, mischievous)and sweet (caring, thoughtful, giving).

    This test measures naughtiness as well as sweetness, be warned, it's under sexuality for a reason. Random switching between food and other analogies in ranking may occur. Your mileage may vary. Internet personality tests have been known to cause cancer in lab mice...it's probably the CRTs.I am not responsible for you winding up a food you don't like, or a dog lover being declared a sex kitten. Use at your own discretion.

    Let me know if anything is glaringly goofy...that's not obviously by intent.