• So, you're a die-hard fan of Elizabeth Haydon's Symphony of Ages series. You no doubt already know which character is your favourite, or which strapping young lad Rhapsody truly belongs with, but this time, the Muffinator has decided to offer you something completely different. Yes, today, you will discover which character in the series best represents your personality. Excited? Then proceed...

    For those of you curious about the scoring of this test, it's based on the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory. The variables measured are:

    I to E = Introversion to Extraversion
    S to N = Sensing to Intuitive
    T to F = Thinking to Feeling
    J to P = Judging to Percieving

    However, considering that this is just a fun little quiz, don't take your answers too seriously. If you'd like to find what more approximates your true personality type, I'd suggest taking one of those REALLY long MBTI tests. You can find them everywhere these days.