• Now entering the studio... you!

    Ok, that was cheesy. If you are like me, you probably watch Jeopardy daily, or at least once in a while. If you are like me, you probably also make fun of Alex Trebek a bit for his annoying inflections and his hoity-toity attitude.*

    Still you got to admit... the man does make a lot of money.

    Now it's your turn to strut your stuff. Your goal is to make as much money as possible, and perhaps even be the champ! Be careful when guessing though, incorrect responses carry steep penalties.**

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to ignore the following drivel and just click "next".

    *When I was younger and watched with my dad, we were each allowed one opportunity per show to say "Shut up Alex" when he said something obnoxious or stupid. The trick was to choose the best moment.
    **As in regular jeopardy, you gain the value of the question if you get it right, and you lose the money if you get it wrong. Unless you can narrow it down to two choices, there is no point in guessing.
    ***Some of the questions can be quite tricky. There is a bit of an American bias, but I tried not to make it too unreasonable. The money at the end is real, but the categories associated with them are probably too easy to obtain. It seemed kind of cruel to put everybody down as "3rd place", which is what 90% of takers would probably get.
    ****If you see any mistakes or bad links, let me know. If you think one of my answers is wrong, please check it yourself first before telling me. I did a lot of research for this test. Update- I have gotten several minor suggestions and have changed nearly all of them, so don't be shy.
    *****Here's the list of takers that have gotten to the level of "Ken Jennings' Clone"- (none so far).
    ******Lastly, there are two ways to take this test. You can take it the normal jeopardy way, or you can try and google the answers that you don't know. It's up to you whether you consider that cheating or just being resourceful.