• Here's some questions about me, us and just general stupidness courtesy of the Webster
  • 1
    So what is my favorite tv show?

  • 2
    Are you a towel?

  • 3
    Why does Chris make you happy?

  • 4
    Would you do anything for Chris?

  • Good to see this is coming along, dont worry it gets better...
  • 5
    Where do you want to grab some food? (The toughest question on here)

  • 6
    It's been three years now. How do you feel?

  • Theres only a couple more left. Whoo Hoo you are almost done Yaaaaaay.(i always hated seeing that when i took tests but now i see its relevance.
  • 7
    Which kitty is better

  • 8
    What color are my eyes?

  • 9
    What do you think Chris's Favorite thing to do is?

  • 10
    Do you love Chris?

  • You are almost done....... See i told you, it gets annoying always seeing you are almost done every few questions.
  • 11
    The final question. Is it romantic to do these types of things?