• So, maybe thou thinkest that thou knowest something about tea. Drink it on the weekends, with a slice of lemon and ice - Or dost thou have a huge collection of tea and paraphernalia carefully collected over the years?

    Art thou a wizened tea drinker, or a snobby poser? This test will measure thy knowledge of teas and how snobby thou'rt about it. Knowledge will be measured pretty strictly, with each question being worth 12 points total for right answers and -12 points total for wrong answers. Snobbery is measured by how snobby I think each response is (may be positive or negative). It will be possible to answer every question correctly without getting any snob points. In addition, skipping questions won't affect thy score (except for a question with no right or wrong answers).

    The possible scores are -309 to 404 on knowledge and -51 to 150 on snobbery.

    Mail me if there are any inaccuracies, or anything that would make a good question. Enjoy! Oh, and free offers of tea are always appreciated.