The "Ten Most Famous Tori Amos songs" Personality Quiz

  • You do not need any prior Tori-knowledge to take this test. Nor do you need to like ALL her songs. The only prerequisite is that you don't completely hate her, I guess :)


    We all know there are enough Toris out there to cater to everyone's tastes. Strung-out, serene, dark, cheerful, brooding, liberated, addicted, fiercely independent... The question is, what s-Tori-otype (see what I did there?) fits you. And that's exactly what this quiz is going to determine, whether you like it or not (well, actually, if you don't, you can just get the hell outta dodge right about now... although you'd be missing out on my profound psychological insight plus a host of lovely Tori pix gathered from all over teh interwebz)


    Now, some of the answer options might seem to overlap or be extremely similar. In such cases, just please go with your first instinct. There are ten possible outcomes to this quiz, none of them scientific, all of them based on my interpretation of Tori's ten most played songs*


    So, here goes nothing...


    *according to the user-generated charts for the past 6 months.

    DISCLAIMER: Info in the answers courtesy of, and Images are from all over the place. If you own them and would like them removed, do let me know. I am not an expert, this is my first test, please rate it & send feedback if you are so inclined, I'm sorry if this is offensive/a little too much on the "let's find you a sad story" side (Tori fans tend to be that way, I guess). It's all in good fun. Cheers & enjoy.