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    Thanks for stopping by. This test contains 10 questions. This isn't something that took me less than a day to prepare, so I do hope you give each question a lot of thought before you answer and answer honestly for the best and most accurate results.

    Each test has a purpose in helping to determine how you respond to people in different scenarios and also how well you judge character.

    By the time you are done I will reach deep within my heart of hearts and determine...... what's in yours when it comes to friendship? Seriously or Just for the fun of it lets assume I even know what I'm talking about.

    I mean I've had friends and I've met all kinds of people and I believe I am a good judge of character.

    Are you for real?Find Out which Character you are.

    Are you an Evil Master, Faithful Submissive,Fair Weather Friend or a Pure Wonder?

    (Before you begin I must give you fair warning about your results. Some of you may get pissed off. I am a very honest and precise person so just remember that I don't know you and if you don't like your results then maybe it's a lesson learned)

    Remember that the results are based percentages and you will have a percentage in each area.

    You will not get any results unless you answer each question. Except for  a couple optional ones at the end.

    Good Luck!

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