• Hi! And welcome to my the compliment Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. I'm sort of an old fashioned girl. So let's see what's up shall we? This test is for men only
  • 1
    Say you met the girl of your dreams, would it bother you not to have sex right away?

  • 2
    Would you date a woman 10+ years older than you?

  • 3
    Would you date a woman who is of a different race that you?

  • 4
    would you date a women who your friends were totally against, but you really care about?...Due to race or creed?

  • 5
    would it bother you to have to be the driver in all of your dates?

  • 6
    Are you a giver or a taker

  • 7
    Are you willing to take weekend trips with someone that you've known for less than a year?

  • 8
    So you have a pet allergy?

  • 9
    Do animals bother you?

  • 10
    So you do things for your significant other with out being asked? eg: handyman stuff...(willing to fix something that's broken)

  • 11
    If you're a clubber are you willing to go to a play?

  • 12
    While out with your significant other do you feel that's alright to flirt with other women?

  • 13
    When out on a date do you give your undivided attention?

  • 14
    Are you a true gentleman (open doors, letting the lady proceed first)?